I run a specialist design consultancy, richard weston studio, to provide large images for buildings, interiors and public spaces, and also work with communities, schools and universities through the not-for-profit company Digital Arts and Crafts. Illustrated below are some examples of my recent work and of projects undertaken alongside my academic career.

Meadow Scarf 

This image of a wildflower meadow was composed with mineralised drawings by 6-7 year-old children at Woodside Academy in Walthamstow. It was used to digitally print a 'Meadow Scarf'.

6b-House in Camden by Patel Taylor.jpg

This house in Camden Town by Patel Taylor won the '2012 Small House of the Year Award' from the Sunday Times. The laminated glass louvre incorporate a year of silk printed with a 'sea and sky' image from the Oregon Thunderegg below.